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Specializing In Aquascape Ponds And Water Gardens

Pond Supplies to build and maintain your water garden. Aquascape Pumps, Lights, Filters, Kits and Skimmers are the best in the Water Garden industry. We offer Aquascape's complete product line at competitive prices. Since we offer only Aquascape pond products, we truly specialize in Aquascape ponds and water gardens. With our product line you can now kick back, relax and enjoy your water garden instead of constantly working in your water garden because of inadequate products. You don’t need to drive to get your pond supplies. Let us deliver your Aquascape Pond Supplies to your front door of your home or business for free for many of our products. Our products usually ships within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, speedy shipping, and a secure Web site. We have the pond supplies you need!

Seasonal Care

Winter is here and we have all of the pond supplies to build and maintain your pond and water garden. Keep your water garden beautiful and healthy all year with our Seasonal Care Products.

Pond Kits

Are you thinking of adding a garden pond? Our Aquascape ecosystem pond kits are designed to create a low maintenance system that works well with the environment to provide a clean, crystal clear, beautiful pond that you can enjoy for years to come. The products in our ecosystem kits work well together with the addition of rocks, gravel, fish and plants to help make a beautiful water garden. Our Kits are simple to install and includes all of the supplies you need in one box. They are the best quality kits available.


Aquascape professional-grade BioFalls Filters provide the most filtration and highest water flows in the market. Durable rotational molded polyethylene ensures maximum strength and withstands whatever Mother Nature can dish out. All Aquascape BioFalls® Filters include a lifetime warranty!

Aquascape's family of field-proven, time-tested Skimmer Filters are the #1 selling skimmers in the water garden market. No gizmos or gadgets designed by engineers behind a desk, but rather, functional, easy-to-install and maintain filters designed by actual pond builders. They include patented features that make installation a snap with components designed to make maintenance effortless.

Keep your pond clear with our Pressurized Filters which are ideal for small to medium sized ponds. They are generally fed water by the use of a submersible pump that is positioned directly in the pond or skimmer. A pressure filter is a sealed unit and therefore allows for installation flexibility. The unit can be positioned above the ground or partially buried, making it easily hidden in the landscape or behind a waterfall.

IonGen In… Algae Out! The Aquascape IonGen System G2 Electronic Algae Controller allows you to spend your time relaxing next to your water feature instead of trying to maintain it! The IonGen effectively kills algae without the use of traditional liquid chemicals and is designed with a microprocessor that sends a signal to its ion producing probe that helps control algae throughout the entire water feature.

Aquascape Pumps

During these tough economic times we offer free shipping for most Aquascape Pumps and Aquascape Pro Pumps. You can select from the best pumps available in the water garden world from Aquascape’s complete pump product line. Our pumps range from the high energy efficient AquaSurge pumps, to the solids handling Aquascape pro pumps. We also have pumps that are designed to be submerged directly in the pond and pumps that are used for Decorative Fountains. Aquascape pumps are made to run 24 hours per day for all water gardening applications. With the Combination of energy efficient, high head heights, performance, flow rates and ease of maintenance makes the Aquascape pumps the ideal choice. As you can see we have a big selection of water garden pumps to fit all of you needs! There are no needs to look at other pumps. Aquascape pumps are the best in the industry. All of our pumps come with a 2 or 3 years manufacturer warranty.

Water Treatments

Combining science with simplicity, Aquascape's complete line of Water Treatments makes it simple to maintain a healthy, well-balanced water garden. Aquascape's pump top liquid bottles and bubble tabs make dosing simple and affordable. Put away your calculators and enjoy a clean, clear, healthy pond with the complete line of Aquascape water treatment products.

Aquascape Automatic Dosing System will Eliminate the guesswork and routine of adding water treatments to your pond, Pondless Waterfall, fountain, or water feature. In order for water treatments to work correctly, or to maintain optimum water quality, water treatments should be added consistently and on a regular basis. The Aquascape Automatic Dosing System accurately and consistently applies your choice of water treatment.

LED Lighting

Aquascape LED Pond and Landscape Lighting, combines style and simplicity. Our newest component fixtures feature a die-cast metal housing finished with a three-part brushed architectural bronze coating providing a durable finish that will hold up in all weather conditions. Aquascape LED pond and landscape lighting can be used fully submersed, or in traditional landscapes. All new 2014 Aquascape LED lights consist of permanently sealed watertight fixtures and are backed by a limited five-year full replacement warranty.

Fish Care

To ensure that your fish are healthy, try our Premium Fish Foods which are ideal for koi and goldfish. Our fish foods are scientifically formulated to provide your fish with premium quality nutrition. Fish Care products from Aquascape are available to help keep your Pond Fish in good health.

Pond Nets

We offer a wide range of Pond Nets. Our Koi Nets are used for catching fish. The super soft netting will not damage fish and is easy to keep clean. We also offer Skimmer Nets that are ideal for removing small debris. The fine soft mesh makes it easy to remove small leaves, pine needles or bottom sludge quickly and easily. Take a look at our Koi and Skimmer nets that features extendable handles that make it easy to reach most areas of the pond. Our Aquascape Professional Grade are designed and built for professional pond maintenance crews. Heavy-duty 3-foot handle collapses for storage, allowing to be safely transported from one pond to the next.

Water Garden Decorative

The unique designs and quality craftsmanship is why our selection of water garden Decorative are heads above the rest. We also have a splendid selection of beautiful Mongolian Basalt columns Fountains. Take a look at our beautiful Aquascape Fiberglass Stone Composite which makes it simple to have a complete water garden in almost any setting. Aquascape AquaBasin Mini, Small, Medium and Large are designed to take the guesswork out of installing RimRock Spires, hand carved stone, brass fountains, and bubbling urns. The AquaBasin is a great way to quickly and easily install these popular style of water features.

Our Self Contained Fountains adds the sight and sound of water into your landscape. These standalone fountains are made from durable GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) combining all the beauty of dye-colored concrete with the added strength of reinforced glass fibers. All Aquascape decorative GFRC fountains come complete with a prefixed plumbing assembly and water pump.

The Self-Contained Water and Fire Features have been gaining in popularity over the last few years. Aquascape Fire Fountain provides the beauty and elegance of fire and flowing water in a bowl shaped GFRC or glass fiber reinforced concrete water feature. The self-contained feature is a simple plug-and-play water feature with a fire feature in the center making it an ideal focal point or centerpiece to any outdoor setting.

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