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Pond Supplies and Water Gardens. Aquascape Pumps, Lights, Filters, Kits, Fish Care products and much more. We have been an Aquascape retailer since 2000. After years of quality testing and working with the industry experts, Aquascape kept coming up as the leader in the Water Garden industry. This is the reason why Toine Pond Supplies only offers Aquascape Pond Supplies. Take a look at our complete Aquascape product line. Our prices are very competitive with other water garden companies. All of our products come with a warranty. Toine pond Supplies offers a safe and easy way to shop for your water garden needs. Our experts are here to help you to build and maintain your water garden. Give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. As a proud pond lover since 1968, Toine Pond Supplies knows what it takes to build, maintain a healthy and beautiful water garden. You don’t need to drive to get your pond fish supplies. Let us deliver your Aquascape Pond Supplies to your front door of your home or business for free for many of our products. So relax and enjoy your water garden instead of constantly working in it because of inadequate products. We serve water garden lovers across the United States and Canada. Our products usually ship within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, speedy shipping, and a secure website. We have the pond fish supplies you need for a beautiful water garden.

It’s time to order your spring pond supplies!

Water Treatments

For crystal clear water for this time of year, Aquascape’s Cold Water Bacteria is perfect for temperatures below 50 degrees. If you live in an area that the temperatures are higher than 50 degrees, you need Aquascape’s Beneficial Bacteria Pond Starter. These Beneficial Bacteria is needed to quickly establishes the biological ecosystem for the spring. The Pond Starter is also great for new and spring clean-out ponds as well!

Fish Food

You need to pay attention to the temperature for healthy fish. In cold temperature it is hard for fish to digest food properly. Once the water temperature reach over 55 digress feed them with Aquascape Coldwater Fish Food. Aquascape Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets provides premium nutrition to all pond fish at colder water temperatures. Bacillus Subtilis natto helps aid in digestion and helps pond fish assimilate essential micronutrients.

Plant Care

Spring is a great time to repot, plant and fertilize your plants. Use the Aquascape Aquatic Plant Fertilizer from the Plant care tab. Also take a look at the Aquascape Once per year Fertilizer that help your plants all year. Aquascape Once-a-Year Plant Fertilizer 7 lbs. with Micronutrients is a time-released fertilizer that will help maximize plant growth and increase flower production all in one single application.

Skimmer Nets

Before you start your Spring Clean-Out it is a good time to check your skimmer net. Make sure you have all of your spring clean out supplies before you start your clean out. Look for Skimmer Nets at the Fish Care tab section.

Spring Clean Outs

Spring Clean Outs are great to make sure your pond gets off to an excellent start! Our Clean Out Pump is a must have for a quick and easy way for your Pond Clean Out. Take a look at our Clean Out Pump under the Aquascape pumps tab. Our Clean Out pump is new for 2016. It pumps up to 4,200 gallons per hour. You can also purchase our new for 2016 Aquascape Cleanout Pump Discharge Hose. This makes the process of pond clean outs quick and easy.

Toine Pond Supplies

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